Calico Technologies

Calico CMS Launch
Date: 092917

Hello Everyone,

Do you remember when I was working on the development of a CMS for the Calico Technologies website? If not, see the post from yesterday below:

Development is in progress for a brand new CMS for the website. It will involve a single PHP file serving all HTML formatted data from a MySQL database utilizing the FEMP stack. Coding will be done in the Visual Studio Code editor. It's a new tool I hope to utilize for Agile.

More to come.....'s finally here!!! After several hours of devlopment, data conversion and importing I have our first version of the extremely light-weight CMS system I like to call Calico CMS. As I said before, the actual content is all stored safely in the MySQL database and only read out by a single PHP page. The PHP page contains the include references for connecting to the database as well as CSS. All formatting is also done in the page which only contains 100 lines of code. I was able to adhere to my core values of simplicity and efficiency.

Development was done using the CLI for MySQL server, gEdit and Visual Studio Code. I am really impressed by VSC as it even checks your syntax as you type and offers other great features and plugins for development.

Thanks for being a great audience!!