Stale Technology
Date: 092910


Technology that has not been updated in years or a number of major versions. Hardware or software or both. It serves the original purpose, but nothing more. Updates to the technology are overlooked for a number of reasons. Maybe there aren't enough feature benefits or bug fixes to justify updating. Maybe it's too expensive. The largest problem lies in the fact that this technology is no longer supported by anyone.

Where to find:
Anywhere and everywhere where technology was implemented and never maintained or never scaled. On a side note, there are situations where you must use stale technology. See This

How to eliminate or reduce:
Technology needs to be updated to fix bugs and or enhance the products effectiveness and scalability. If the current stale technology is working fine and the developer hasn't released any significant updates that is one thing. But one should always look to the future and think about udating technology to meet the needs of their business. Most importantly the needs of ALL their key technology. For example, how can you run the latest .NET application with out the latest .NET Framework? You need to upgrade one technology to take advantage of the new technology you need to run your business. The bottom line is pay attention to your house of cards, the weaker, overlooked cards will cause a collapse.