Date: 072308


Nobody wants to be plain old American anymore. The stuff before the hyphen has become as important, if not more, than the stuff after.
-Evan Osborne

America is a melting pot. People and cultures are supposed to melt together. Why doesn't this melting occur as widespread as it did in the past? Is it because of global communications? Or is it people just being stubborn and not making America America, but bringing your country of origin to America with you so you can remain in that country, but not. Your Irish-American or Austrian-American or African-American. Why aren't we all just Americans anymore? Do people come here for a new life anymore? I think many people are trying to hard to remember where they came from rather than looking at where they are.

A lot of people spend their time enjoying the culture of other countries, but does anyone stop and think What about enjoying some American culture? Is there such a thing? Yes, I believe there is.

Too many questions about this topic with too little answers. It's making my head hurt.