Date: 072208


This is great: Boutique Environmentalism

Sustainability or Green initiatives of all forms are mostly taken by companies not because they care (although some may), but rather as part of doing business and gaining profit. It's part of the Corporate Social Responsibility action that companies are taking now. Companies that show they are involved with and a valuable member of the community are that much more popular and profitable right? (ie Ben and Jerry's)

The question of whether or not we should be thinking about our environment for the future is a no brainer. Of course we should be careful with our environment. Don't get me wrong here I believe in using every natural resource responsibly. Should we sacrifice years of development and economic evolution to become fully sustainable (which I would argue is next to impossible)? Or is sustainability actually progress itself? In a way, yes it is. Finding ways to focus the energy of our natural resources and become more responsible for what we consume is progressive.

The types of questions I ask myself are:

  1. Are we really giving sustainability 100%?
  2. Is our supply chain fully sustainable? In other words are we creating more waste somewhere along the SC that is negating our original sustainable action?
  3. How does it affect my products or services?
  4. Does sustainability really add value? Or just piece of mind?

I think to be truly successful with sustainability and environmentalism you must have everyone on board. That includes people in other countries and all parts of the planet. Without cooperation from the entire human race, our planet will die before we do. Even though some countries and businesses are becoming sustainable it doesn't make a difference unless their neighbors are clean and sustainable also.