Date: 062307


In this week's Information Week is an article called Gadgets of Summer. It contains a detailed list of gadgets such as the Grill Tunes and the Brando's USB Mini Fridge. It also conatins an entry about the Yoggie, a USB hardware/software firewall. Why is this significant? Well, about 3 weeks ago I wrote a little review/paper on the Yoggie for my Telecommunications 720 class. Am I ahead of the curve? Probably not, but at least I wrote about it (in a telecom context) before they ever printed this week's magazine. Yaya.

What do I really think of this device?
It's great. I want one!

Will they break into the mass market? Only if the concept is handled appropriately and average consumers can actually see the advantages of this technology over their software firewalls. Not to mention the huge learning curve for the mass majority of average PC users.