Date: 061607


Over the past few months I've gone through some deep thinking on what I really believe I am as a person and what I believe Capitalism is. Since I already know I am a Capitalist, I began thinking about what that really means (to me).

Free Markets all around. I believe in the power of the markets and the power of the consumer. Sometimes many of us (consumers) don't realize how much power we have (as a whole). Think about it next time you buy something that provides value to you. If you as a consumer group didn't buy a certain type, model or brand the production of that product lessens. Hint: supply and demand.

Less government. Period.

A rehash of One. Competition is good and everyone can benefit from it. Think about it the next time you purchase something. There are many companies that probably sell the same thing, but one thing matters: the value it gives you the consumer. Think about every new product in the market that causes a bubble, like the internet. In the 90s when there were Internet companies sprouting up all over the place investors rushed to put their money on a service that they thought had potential. Which investment is the right one? That's the thing: nobody knows so they throw money at them all. Eventually the losers will fail and the few winners will come out on top. Right? Maybe it doesn't always work this way, but it's what free market people should strive for. Shaking out the losers so to speak.

Providing people with an equal playing field for opportunity is what I believe the USA should be all about. With our free markets we are all able to compete for business on the same competitive landscape. With our laws and system we provide equal protection under the law while making starting businesses as easy as possible. Don't believe me? Hang up a sign and start selling/servicing.

We are all in this together. Don't become Zombie consumers. When you consume, be smart about the signals you may be sending out to the rest of the consumer community and the market. Use your good sense. Take personal responsibility for the things you purchase or accept in your life and your community. Be sure to point the finger at the right people (probably yourself). For example, don't sue McDonald's for making you and/or your children fat. You were the one who made the choice to eat there. Don't sue the cereal companies for providing non-nutritional, sugar-filled food to your kids, when you're the one who bought the box of cereal in the first place. You've got to be kidding me. Take some personal responsibility for your actions people! (I know I'm just ranting now, but reeeaaaalllly)

P.S. Most of what I said here is just wishful thinking and personal approach toward capitalism. In the USA there are people who believe that the markets don't solve it all. Unfortunately, those people also have the power to write laws and enforce them.