Date: 050410


Micromanagement is wasted on some. All it can do is confuse and disrupt their thought processes, which leads to an overall feeling of worthlessness. Allow me to illustrate by using an analogy: I don't call a pizza parlor and tell them how prepare the pizza. I tell them what I want as a final result (large pepperoni). The pizza making professionals will output that final product based on their knowledge of pizza making. They don't need me to tell them how to spread the sauce. Even if I ordered extra sauce, the professionals know how to put it on the pizza. Just imagine if you called a pizza parlor and told them to start making crust then put the sauce in the middle of the pizza and spread out toward the edges...so on and so forth. Two issues here. One, you're telling them how to make pizza when they know how to make it. Two, they don't know what the final product is until you're finished instructing them how to make it. If you're incorrect on how to make it the pizza professional will have wasted their time and product and will need to start over. Some people just need to know what the objective is and they'll do what they were hired to do to get there. They need a destination before they can pave a road so that they may plan for equipment, time, and best possible route. I'll end my rant by saying that while micromanaging may be necessary for some, it's not for most.