Civil War History
Date: 031609


I love Civil War History and Facts and when I was researching more on Ohio's role in the Civial War I came accross the Old Flag speech given by W.H. Gibson. My favorite excerpt is:

Take then the Flag; I may never touch its folds again - nay never draw again my naked sword in its defense - yet the Old Flag will still wave and the time will come when its starry folds will be greeted again with respect by the nations of the earth, floating in the air of their rivers and harbors. They will greet it more readily, because when scorned and maligned by evil men, a million loyal freemen rushed to its defense and beat them back until it waved again over our mighty rivers and lakes from the St. Lawrence to the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada's. It shall still wave to greet the coming millennium, which when arrived, shall salute the Old Flag in heaven.

Nice huh?

I then showed this to my dad and after reading it I asked Where are these heros today? Where are the people that love America today? Well, as soon as the last word of the question rolled off my lips I knew the answer. They are in Afghanistan, Iraq and spread all over the world. The servicemembers of the USA are the real heroes of our time. Not that I want to disclude the Independent conservatives or the Libertarians, or other true American patriots, but I think the servicepeople need their credit right now. They fight for our country and our Old Flag.

Let's not forget where we came from America!